Cat Puzzle Games - For Kids & Adults

We have created our own unique puzzles with cats! They are easier, more interesting and fun. You need to restore the picture by swapping places of bricks.

Our puzzles can stack for adults, as well as children!

Subjects: cats by different breeds and characters.

According to psychologists, putting together puzzles helps to develop imaginative and logical thinking, voluntary attention, perception, in particular, the differentiation of the individual elements by color, shape, size.

With each update of the game, new puzzles will be added!

Key features:
  • cute cats
  • great picture quality
  • easy and fast puzzles
  • zoom (you can see every detail!)
  • gallery
  • two levels of difficulty (easy and hard puzzles)
  • pleasant relaxing music
  • modern interface and animation
  • great optimization
  • low application size (considering the points above)
Download (free)

Do you love animals, cats in particular? Then this puzzles is for you!