Depths Of Horror: Mushroom Day

"Depths Of Horror" is a series of adventure and horror games that allow you to plunge deep into your fears.

"Mushroom Day" is a 3D first-person game with classic elements of the "horror" genre: enemies and screamers, interaction with objects, monologues of the protagonist, saving progress, good graphics and atmospheric music.

During the national holiday of Mushroom Day you decided to try yourself as a mushroom hunter. While picking mushrooms in a clearing, you stumbled upon an abandoned hut. Exploring the hut, you find yourself in a cave full of unexpected inhabitants and "surprises". From now on, your fight for survival begins, which means there is an opportunity to test your wits and composure.

Can you find your way out of the cave, bypassing enemies and various obstacles, and gain a worthy victory over evil and your fears?